Members Only Access Instructions

Go to, which will bring up a Login/Signup box - 

If you are member, but have not yet joined the group, click on Signup

  • Enter your IU email address, which is used for identification
  • Put in your full name (first and last)
  • Enter a password of at least 8 characters; NOTE – do NOT use your CAS passphrase
  • Retype your password
  • Click on Submit
  • The request will be sent to the Local office, where someone will verify that you are a member of the Local, and approve it

If you have already joined the group, or are a new member of the group, go to https:/ to Login

  • Click on Login
  • Enter your IU email address
  • Enter your Zokos password (if you don’t remember it, click on “Don’t remember your password?” and choose a new one)
  • Click on “Search Groups”, then put CWA Local 4730 in the Search box and go to the home page
  • In the Group Chat file, click on the movie camera to start a video call; this should also enable the microphone on your telephone 
  • If you prefer to have the video off and sound on, click on the telephone receiver icon
              To communicate with others, use the group message box at the bottom of the page
  • If members of the group are already on the call, clicking either button will allow you to join the call

If you have questions, type them in the group message box and one of the other members of the group should be able to assist you. Also, there is now a Questions icon on the bottom left of the screen.