August 2017 Solidarity Now!

While it may be a quiet year for elections out in the political world it is a busy year for CWA Local 4730. The terms of all 8 members of our Executive Board expire at the end of the year and that means it is time for us to elect a new board.

Elections, however, are for later. For now, it is time for nominations, for without nominees there can be no elections and no board.

Few facts - There are 8 seats on the Executive Board:

  • President (Officer)
  • Vice President Bloomington (Officer)
  • Vice President North West (Officer)
  • Secretary (Officer)
  • Treasurer (Officer)
  • 3 At-Large seats from either campus

Any member in good standing may be nominated for the board, Members may self-nominate, and Board terms are 3 years and start in January 2018.

You can find the description and duties in the Bylaws in a file on our page. It’s straightforward. The question now is, why you should consider running for the board.

  • You can have a say in what our priorities are and help craft our message.
  • You can get more directly involved in the issues that are important to you.
  • You can help an active and vibrant organization stay that way.
  • You can have more of a voice in CWA National policies.
  • You get the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with volunteering for a worthy cause.

If you are paying the monthly dues, you are already a member. You obviously understand the importance of what we do. Are you ready to take the next step and really help your union? I hope you will consider it and nominate yourself or a friend to the Executive Board.

Nominations will be taken during the month of September. Members nominated by another will be contacted by the election committee to determine if they accept the nomination. All nominations should be sent via email to Election Chair Peter Kaczmarczyk at: [email protected]. Any questions should also be sent to the Election Chair and will be answered by the Election Committee.

Elections will be held in late October.

[Read more by downloading the PDF version of Solidarity Now!]