November 2017 Solidarity Now!

The Advantages of Becoming a Member of Local 4730
If a support staff member chooses to become a member of the Local by authorizing the deduction of dues from his or her pay of two hours of pay per month, membership benefits include:

  • Bargaining – may submit issues that need to be addressed at the bargaining table with IUHR that could affect campus policies
  • Voting – may vote on policy (every three years) and wage (annually) issues that cover all IUB and IUN support staff
  • Scholarships – may apply for CWA related scholarships that benefit the member or his/her family 
  • Local 4730 committees – may be involved in the standing and ad hoc committees
  • University committees – CWA membership is requested on several standing committees at IU, as well as search and screen committees
  • Meetings – receive the reports of Local activities and attend our quarterly members’ meetings to voice concerns and questions and stay informed
  • Community service – the Local regularly collects books for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank Annual Book Sale Fundraiser, and is involved in other efforts for Hoosier Hills and other community organizations
  • Political Action Fund – in addition to dues, members may contribute to the CWA Political Action Fund, a nonpartisan political action committee that fights for workers’ political rights.

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