A Former IU Clerical Worker Transforms Into Union Organizer, Plus

The Beginnings of Local 4730: an interview with Linda Harl, one of the earliest members

The Advantages of Becoming a Member of Local 4730

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While it may be a quiet year for elections out in the political world it is a busy year for CWA Local 4730. The terms of all 8 members of our Executive Board expire at the end of the year and that means it is time for us to elect a new board.

Elections, however, are for later. For now, it is time for nominations, for without nominees there can be no elections and no board.

Few facts - There are 8 seats on the Executive Board:

The Fight for 15 and the Battle of Wage Compression: CWA Local 4730 Proposals to IU Trustees

President's Corner

It’s that time of year. Rumors are flying around campus about staff raises. Will it be 2% again this year? Might it be more, and so recognize the importance of what we, the face of the University for many, do well and loyally on a daily basis? Students, departments, and administration depend on our expertise, and staff is one of the pillars of what makes IU an outstanding institution. Surely the goals of the Fight for Fifteen and the Battle of Wage Compression are admirable, achievable, and just.